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Cammann G-86 Metal DisintegratorCammann G-86 Metal Disintegrator
Complete Cutting Torch AssemblyComplete Cutting Torch Assembly
Fong Ho FHC-360 Cold Cut SawFong Ho FHC-360 Cold Cut Saw
690-2 Brown & Boggs 8' Sheet Metal Brake
690-9 King KS-F5216 52" 16 Gauge Foot Shear
690-3 Roper Whitney U416 Connecticut Bending Brake
690-4 General International Low Revolution Grinder
690-1 Two Foot Metal Brake
690-7 Stryco B16-10 Spot Welder
684-14 Harrison Lathe
Harrison Lathe
$4,500 CAD
684-15 Voest DA-1 Lathe
Voest DA-1 Lathe
$4,500 CAD
693-9 Magnum Industrial Radial Arm Drill PressMagnum Industrial Radial Arm Drill Press
658-858 Hydraulic Pipe Bender
684-9 Ragland Ryder Metal Lathe
684-8 Ragland Ryder Metal Lathe
684-7 Ragland Ryder Metal Lathe
684-6 Ragland Ryder Metal Lathe
684-10 Boxford Aud Lathe
Boxford Aud Lathe
$1,500 CAD
690-6 Flagler Quadformer S and Drive Cleat Machine
617-100 Miller XMT 350 cc/cv Autoline
658-616 Close Slide Machinist Vise
Jarvis Wellsaw Model #400Jarvis Wellsaw Model #400
658-807 Angle Polisher

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