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Cantek SS-512M ShaperCantek SS-512M Shaper
502-4 Delta RS-15 ShaperDelta RS-15 Shaper
Delta RS-15 Shaper
$1,500 CAD
90000-373 Rockwell 43-340 Heavy Duty Wood ShaperRockwell 43-340 Heavy Duty Wood Shaper
Brown-Brockmeyer ShaperBrown-Brockmeyer Shaper
668-6 SCM Shaper
SCM Shaper
$2,490 CAD
Unique Model 318 Single Head Power ShaperUnique Model 318 Single Head Power Shaper
Cantek SS-512M Vertical Spindle ShaperCantek SS-512M Vertical Spindle Shaper
611-1 Rexcut Shaper W/ Stand and DollyRexcut Shaper W/ Stand and Dolly
389-44 Tegle Maskinfabrikk TSF-8 ShaperTegle Maskinfabrikk TSF-8 Shaper
623-19 Fellows 4GS Type Gear ShaperFellows 4GS Type Gear Shaper
Fellows 7 Type High Speed Gear ShaperFellows 7 Type High Speed Gear Shaper
Cantek SS-511M ShaperCantek SS-511M Shaper
90000-337 Casadei F114 Spindle MoulderCasadei F114 Spindle Moulder
90000-352 CWD18-175 Heavy Duty Spindle ShaperCWD18-175 Heavy Duty Spindle Shaper
General International 3/4" Wood Spindle ShaperGeneral International 3/4" Wood Spindle Shaper
581-8 Delta 43-375 Heavy Duty Two-Speed Wood Shaper
539-37 Griggio T800 Shaper
397-5 EMA F114 Vertical Spindle Shaper
540-4 Ritter Shaper
Ritter Shaper
$2,800 CAD
540-2 Cantek SS 511M Shaper
416-8 Trojan WWS-11 1/2 or 3/4 Wood Spindle Shaper
91025-6 Cantek Shaper
Cantek Shaper
$3,500 CAD

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