Appraisal Types

Coast Machinery Group offers full Appraisal Services for local and international businesses. Our Appraisal team offers a number of options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization such as:
  • Onsite appraisals (with documentation).
  • Offsite remote appraisals (Desktop appraisals based on documentation and imagery of the assets supplied to us.)

Coast Machinery Group understands the different reasons for appraising; we will work with you to be discrete where required and ensure we always provide fair and accurate appraisals for any machinery. When we believe machines won't sell or expected prices are too high, candid and fair feedback will be provided to help you move forward.

There is no obligation to accept our appraisals, but should you do so we'll work with you to develop terms that suit your needs and time frame.

Coast Machinery Group has been selling used Woodworking & Metal machinery since 2000. We have bought and sold millions of dollars worth of equipment over several decades. There is no other organization better suited to provide you with an accurate and timely appraisal.

Getting Started
Call us for Appraisal Information to book a site visit at (604) 556-2225 or 1-855-556-5121