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SKU: 642-2

Cammann G-86 Metal Disintegrator

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Cammann G-86 Metal Disintegrator

  • Brand: Cammann
  • Model: G-86
  • Metal Disintegrator
  • SN: 77481
  • 220V
  • Single phase

About Metal Disintegrators (From Manufacturer)

Metal disintegrators manufactured by Cammann Inc. are primarily used for tap removal, stud removal, drill removal and seized or broken bolts. The process can also be used for roll making or branding for rebar identification, tool and die work, metallurgical core sampling.

The cutting action of a metal disintegrator is accomplished by creating a series of intermittent electric arcs that break down the hardest metals into minute particles.

An electrode, held in the head of the disintegrator, vibrates as it cuts while a coolant is pumped through the electrode to wash away the powdered metal.

Cammann goes further to manufacture a metal disintegrator with superiority that is outstanding in brand to brand comparisons.

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