Sell Your Machines With Coast Machinery Group

With 20 years experience in the used machinery industry, CMG can find buyers for the following machinery categories.

  • Woodworking Machinery
  • Metalworking Machinery
  • Vinyl Window Machinery
  • Plastic Injection Moulding Machinery

Step 1

The initial point of contact.

A client reaches out to us for help selling their machines.

Step 2

Appraisal Process

We ask for photos and more information on your machines. We provide you with a retail price based on the year and condition of the unit.

Step 3

Consignment Process

We ask you to review and sign our consignment agreement so that all policies are followed by both parties.

Step 4

Client chooses

if they want us to take their machines into our shop, or if they want us to sell them from their own shop.

Option 1

Sell from own shop

Seller makes sure machine is accessible for possible buyer to come view it.

Option 2

Take machines into our shop

Machines are now tested, serviced and prepared to be photographed and advertised on 5+ platforms.

Step 5

Potential buyers

Potential buyer reaches out to us interested. We then send them a video of the machine running / client comes to view the machine.

Step 6

Client is invoiced

Once payment is received we prepare the shipment by palletizing it, and/or wrapping it to protect it from the weather.

Step 7

Hoorray !

Shipping is arranged and the item is shipped.

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