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Welding Positioner
SKU: 801-2

Welding Positioner HB6

USD $4,680.00
Welding Rotator
SKU: 801-3

Welding Rotator

USD $7,020.00
Dewalt Radial Arm Saw
SKU: 686-7

Dewalt Radial Arm Saw

USD $741.00
Shopbot CNC Router
SKU: 800-4

Shopbot CNC Router

USD $14,040.00
Table Saw
SKU: 702-2

Table Saw

USD $1,950.00
SKU: 374-11

Cantek HB-600 Bandsaw

Closed Paint Booth
SKU: 802-1

Closed Paint Booth

USD $5,850.00
SawStop 3HP Table Saw
SKU: 802-11

SawStop 3HP Table Saw

USD $3,510.00
Cantek Planer
SKU: 802-7

Cantek Planer with helical head

USD $5,226.00
Bacci Mortiser
SKU: 803-1

Bacci 3708 Mortiser

USD $8,580.00
Bacci Tenoner
SKU: 803-2

Bacci TSG 2T Tenoner

USD $11,700.00
Ritter Double Spindle Boring
SKU: 803-3

Ritter Double Spindle Boring Machine

USD $3,276.00
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