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This is a Consignment Agreement Between: (Consignor) and CoastMachinery Group Inc. (Consignee) for the inventory items listed, but not limited to, in Attachment "A" and hereinafter referred to as Inventory.

  1. Items to be liquidated are quoted as Consignors onsite sale in Canadian funds.
  2. Costs to relocate the equipment to the Consignee's premises is to be charged to the Consignor account, any costs charged, billed to or incurred by the Consignee for relocating the equipment will be deducted from sales proceeds. Upon delivery, the equipment shall be inventoried (SKU"d), cleaned, identified and catalogued (Attachment A) by the Consignee. Our initial list only recognizes items we have viewed and will be updated with additional items once a detailed inventory is taken. All values will also be updated.
  3. Consignee shall take the necessary steps to offer all inventory items for sale to the best qualified buyers and to obtain the greatest amount of revenue possible relating to market and machine conditions.
  4. All advertising and promotion expenses of the sale shall be the responsibility of the Consignee. No private sales by the Consignor are allowed, unless otherwise agreed upon. Any item removed by the Consignor may be subject to commission fees based on appraised value and payable to the Consignee.
  5. The Consignee shall insure the inventory for the appraised value in the event of loss or damage.
  6. When a Consignee agrees to consign machinery from their location, CMG will not be responsible for any Equipment issues raised by the buyer. Added costs may be subtracted from the 80% of the sale amount in case the machine needs to be serviced or repaired at the seller's location.
  7. The Consignor agrees to the Consignee retaining 20% of the sale amount payment, exclusive of any tax, as payment for services. In addition all removal and repair costs if incurred shall be deducted from the sales proceeds.
  8. Should a sale be effectuated, the Consignee shall forward payment in the amount of the full purchase price less the aforementioned 20% commission, repair costs, to the Consignor, plus tax if applicable (invoice required).
  9. The Consignor guarantees the Consignee that all listed goods on attachment "A" are the sole property of the Consignor, are free and clear of liens and encumbrances and have full rights to sell. The Consignor consents to release any and all information regarding liens and encumbrances and agrees that lien holders be paid out, in full, prior to the sale of the equipment.
  10. The Consignor shall make the Consignee aware of all known problems, issues and or failures inherent to each individual inventory item.
  11. Consignor shall supply to the Consignee all manuals, tools, software, and relevant components of the unit, missing items may result in additional costs to the equipment.
  12. The period of consignment shall be for 12 months beginning from the signature date below. The Consignor agrees that after 2 months of storage on the Consignee's premises, warehouse fees may be applicable at 2.50/sq ft
  13. At the end of the consignment, the contract may be renewed or the Consignor may pick up the equipment once all fees have been paid. The cost for the return of any item shall be the cost of transportation and any additional expenses of repair, inspections, storage or any outstanding debt. Any item left longer than 1 month after contract completion may become the property of the Consignee.
  14. The Consignee agrees to permit the Consignor to enter the premises at reasonable times to examine and inspect the goods.
  15. The acknowledgement copy of this Consignment Agreement shall be executed on behalf of the Consignee and returned to the Consignor as approval of the terms and conditions set forth above.
  16. Consignee may drop the asking price by 10% following a 6 month sales effort.
  17. Any additional costs relating to the item or items shall be passed onto the asset sold.

Clicking the "I Agree To Terms & Conditions" button is acceptance and understanding of the items above and gives CMG-Coast Machinery Group the permission to sell the items on hand as they deem right and fair market for the Seller.