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Eastman M9000 Static Table Cutting System

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Cutting Gantry and Y-CAR (tool head holder)

Brushless DC Servo motor control

  • Synchronized dual X-axis servos
  • Dedicated Y-axis servo

Working range

  • X-axis (9′)
  • Y-axis (70.6″)
  • Maximum plotting and cutting speed (152.4 cm/s)
  • Maximum acceleration (1.3 G)

Onboard control panel with full interface terminal and joystick

Conformal coated PC boards

Precision machined aluminum alloy construction; clear anodized for superior finish protection.

Safety features

  • Two pause paddles
  • Two emergency stops


Diagnostic Control Cabinet

  • Constructed of heavy gauge powder coated steel
  • Equipped to handle the following voltages: 200/230/400/460/575
  • 3 Phase
  • 50/60 Hz
  • Containment unit for all power and control hardware
  • Completely sealed and pressurized to prevent contamination
  • Diagnostic LED indicators provide operational status
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