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MACC New 350 Cold Cut Saw


  • Model: New 350
  • S/N: 101188
  • 440V
  • 4.7 A
  • 3 Phase
  • Mfg Year: 2013


Round Tube

Straight Cut: 4.3″
45° Left Cut: 3.15″
45° Right Cut: 3.15″
Square Tube

Straight Cut: 4″
45° Left Cut: 3.15″
45° Right Cut: 3.15″

Solid Round

Straight Cut: 2.3″
45° Left Cut: 2.15″
45° Right Cut: 2.15″

Rectangular Tube

Straight Cut: 3.15″H x 4.7″W
45° Left Cut: 3.15″H x 3.15″W
45° Right Cut: 3.15″H x 3.15″W


Movable Cutting Head: From 45° Left up to 45° Right.
Double-Hinged Pin with Eccentric Bush.
Reduction Unit in Oil Bath.
Double-Quick Locking Vice.
Coolant Filter.
Jet Separation System to keep the Blade Oiled.
Sliding Counter-Vice for Longitudinal Cutting.
24V Low Voltage Installation withhold-to-run Head Control Knob.
0.09 kW Power-Driven Pump for Band Cooling.
Blade Size: 350 x 2.5 x 32mm Bore HSS Blade

Maximum Vice Opening: 4.7” (120mm)
Machine Weight: 510 lbs. (231 kg.)
2 Speeds: 40 – 80 R.P.M. (Saw can be equipped with Variable Speed Inverter)
Overall Dimensions: 4′-10″H x 3′-4″W x 3′-11″L or 58”H x 40”W x 47”L or 1,475mm H x 1,000mm W x 1,200mm L

Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Weight data is approximate and to the best of our knowledge. Please call for more information.

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