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Marmo Electromeccanica Master 3500 Contour

Non Functional Transformer – can be repaired / replaced


  • Master 3500
  • SN: 606
  • 3 phase
  • Year of mfg: 2000
  • Master 3500 is a portable electric contouring machine with WATER SYSTEM base board which creates a gliding water film between the machine and the slab. This system immediately eliminates the stone pieces broken during the working without scratching the surfaces. The Master 3500 machine is built with high-quality material, only coming from the best suppliers.
  • A switch that varies the speed at which the profi ling wheels turn thus allowing you to adapt it to each and every type of work
  • Variable shaft speed: rpm 2800/5600
  • Mechanical structure in aluminium, anticorodal and stainless steel
  • Screws Steel
  • Asyncronous threephase motor 3,5 HP,
  • 48 volts,
  • 50/60 hz
  • Housing in fireproof polypropylene (super-light)
  • Special treatment: mechanical parts are galvanized, aesthetic part are heat painted
  • Type 100/r, f3, rpm 1400/2800
  • The machine is equipped with a switch that varies the shaft speed.
  • Isolation ch, term. 140 °C
  • Transmission poly/v, 10 J
  • It is equipped with indicators to show that the machine is on (Italian law 626)
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Weight 15.42 lbs

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