Band Saws

What does it do?
A band saw is a sawing machine where the blade is molded into a loop and passed along a pulley system. It is used mainly for cutting metal stock in preparation for other applications. Band saws can be either vertical or horizontal and have adjustable heads. With a band saw, the work piece is held in place whilst the blade moves.

Startrite 316F Bandsaw
SKU: 999-139

Startrite 316F Bandsaw

USD $2,686.00
Oliver 4660 Horizontal Resaw
SKU: 805-2

Oliver 4660 Horizontal Resaw

USD $10,665.00
Cantek HB-600 Bandsaw
SKU: 374-11

Cantek HB-600 Bandsaw

USD $2,607.00
used vertical bandsaw
SKU: 794-6

Jonsered 30 " Vertical Resaw

USD $3,555.00
IMC Bandsaw
SKU: 722-39

Single Phase IMC Bandsaw

USD $592.50
Centauro 500 NL Bandsaw
SKU: 760-3

Centauro 500 NL Bandsaw

USD $2,607.00
Centauro 500 NL Bandsaw
SKU: 760-2

Centauro 500 NL Bandsaw

USD $2,291.00
SKU: 657-8

Centauro 3HP Bandsaw W/Vacuum Table & Vertical Guide

USD $1,185.00
90000-365 Tong An MJG 396 Band Saw
SKU: 90000-365

Tong An MJG 396 Band Saw

USD $2,765.00
FORTIS Model DRPA-100 Band Saw (Resaw)
SKU: 427-5

FOD DRPA-100 Band Saw (Resaw)

USD $11,455.00
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