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2006 Biesse Rover B 7.40 FT-K Nesting

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  • Model: Rover B 7.40 FT-K
  • Serial No. 62752
  • Manufacture Year: 2006
    • Moving Gantry machine with X Axis travel = 145”, Y axis travel = 61”. X Axis working field with all tools is 145” – Main spindle is 157”, Y Axis working field with all vertical spindles is 60-1/2” – Main spindle is 72-3/4”. Z axis clearance is 7”. Programmable feed rates: X and Y axis up to 3937 inches per minute, Z axis up to 1181 inches per minute
    • 12.2 HP Vertically mounted fully programmable HSD Electrospindle,– HSK-F63 type ATC; variable speed from 1000 – 24,000 RPM with maximum torque 12,000 – 20,000 RPM
    • (12) Independent vertical spindles at 32 mm center distance, (6) of which are placed along X axis and (6) along Y axis; (4) units for horizontal opposed boring, (2) of which are placed along X axis and (2) along Y axis to perform horizontal drilling on the 4-panel sides. 2.3 hp inverter driven motor, spindle rotation speed 4000 RPM
    • The spindle is served by a Automatic Ride Along 10-position Tool Changer for On The Fly tool changes
    • Flat Table Design for Nested Based Manufacturing with (2) independent working zones; (4) external pop-up reference pins
    • Top quality linear guides provide the high precision linear tracking systems for the X, Y and Z-axes. The X-axis drive system utilizes a hardened, helical rack. Hardened, precision ground, recirculating ball screw drives the Y and the Z-axis. Forced lubrication system for linear guides and ball screw
    • Emergency stop rope and pressure sensitive safety mats that will instantly place machine in pause cycle when stepped on; surrounding safety cage. Sound absorbing protective head enclosure with debris curtain around the bottom edge
    • The NC1000 Numerical Control is a PC, MS-Windows based technology. Pentium 1.8 Ghz CPU with 128 MB RAM and 20 GB hard drive, CR-ROM reader, mouse, USB ports, parallel port, serial port and network card. BiesseWorks software and (2) BiesseWorks keys for remote and machine programming capability. Operating system for real-time multitask processing, programs can be transferred via diskette or downloading by cable
    • (2) 10 HP Becker Vacuum Pumps
    • Includes Assortment of tooling and manuals
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