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SKU: 980-4

Celaschi Tennoner Progress 60

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  • 575 V
  • 88 A
  • Mfg Year: 2013
  • 38″ Laydown Space Before Top Pressure
  • Jump Scoring 3 H.P. with Inverter
  • Hogging 10 H.P. with Inverter
  • Jump Cope 10 H.P. with Inverter
  • Cope Tilting 10 H.P. with Inverter
  • Cope Tilting Sanding Disk with Inverter
  • Cope Tilting Sanding Disk with Inverter
  • 18″ Dog Spacing
  • 8 Foot Opening
  • Driven Top Pressure
  • Touch Panel Control Display
  • Touch Panel Control Display
  • Excellent Plus Condition Excellent Plus Condition

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