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SKU: 389-37

Ganner Gannomat Selekta 252

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Features and Specifications:

  • Year of Mfg. 2000
  • Elect./Voltage: 110 V, 60 Cy, 1 Ph.
  • Dimensions: 26″ L  x  26″ W  x  44″ H
  • Weight: 240 Lbs (estimate)
  • Dowel sizes from 7 to 20 mm; stays constant for every dowel; dowel sizes 6 to 12 mm and length from 25 to 50 mm possible; dowel feeding by maintenance-free vibrator.
  • Mechanical system of dowel selection for dowel diameter and dowel length; controlled by electronic limit switches with immediate error indication of incorrect dowel length (+/- 2mm);
  • Immediate ejection of the defective dowel by pressing the error light button. Fully automatic maintenance-free electronic controller with program selection of cleaning, gluing, and gluing / inserting.
  • 8-position selector switch regulates glue amount by means of an electronically controlled timer; essential for different dowel size and diameter and various glue viscosity.
  • Closed glue system with conical seated front nozzle; eliminates hardening of the glue in the nozzle and need for routine cleaning of the glue system.
  • 6 bar high-pressure system for glue injection for precise glue stream and clean dowel inserting.
  • Glue/Water selector switch for rinsing the system; control light indicates low glue in glue pot.
  • Maintenance-free pistol mechanism uses staple gun technology, repeat gluing/inserting by constant depression of the pistol trigger; revolver magazine of pistol provides constant supply of dowels;
  • Dowels not inserted to the bottom of the hole but are regulated by the length outside the panel.
  • No splitting of thin material or glue forced back out of the hole; no panel kick back or clamping the work piece or backstop is necessary; easy changing of machine or gun for use with different dowel diameter by modification kits. Will run dowel diameters of 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm dowel lengths: 20 – 50 mm (optional).
Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Weight data is approximate and to the best of our knowledge.
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Weight 49.44 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 44 in





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