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SKU: 389-108

Giben Smart SP Beam Saw

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  • Model: Smart SP
  • Serial No. 910389
  • 480 V
  • 22 Amps
  • 3 Phase
  • 60 Hz
  • Year of Mfg: 2008


  • First Installed in 2011 – Same owner is still operating saw
  • Well Maintained
  • New Controller installed in 2017
  • Very Good Condition 


  • Cutting length 3800mm (12.5`)
  • Blade projection 75mm (2.95″)
  • Grippers opening 65mm (2 9/16″)
  • Max depth of clean cut 64mm (2 1/2″)
  • Main blade diameter 320mm
  • Main saw motor 15HP
  • Scoring saw diameter 180mm
  • Scoring saw motor 1.5HP
  • Saw carriage traverse by brushless AC with inverter
  • Saw carriage feed speeds from 5 to 50m/m (16 to 131f/m)
  • Carriage returns at 60m/m (131f/m)
  • Pneumatic locking, automatic positioning side aligner by roller behind cut line
  • Side aligner stroke 1220mm (48″)
  • Min width to side align 60mm (2.4″)
  • Pneumatic quick release saw blade hubs
  • Pusher stroke 3350mm (11″)
  • Pusher drive by brushless AC motor with inverter
  • Pusher guidance by round bar
  • Pusher advancing speeds .8 to 25m/m
  • Pusher returns at 40m/m
  • 7 floating grippers
  • 8 roller profiles under pusher
  • Metric & Imperial measure
  • Selectable English, French, Spanish
  • 1 only 2000 X 510mm and 3 only 1300 X 510mm air tables
  • Safety trip bar along cut line
  • Safety flaps
  • Saw carriage and pusher cables in cable tracks
  • Time delay on saw carriage cover
  • Support and parts available
Features, Specifications, Dimensions & Weight data is approximate and to the best of our knowledge. Please call for more information.

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