7 Tips on What Brand of Machinery Should You Buy

There are many machine brands in the market, some you know of and some you don’t. Big brand names are often an easy choice, but often come at a higher price. On the other hand, machine names you haven’t heard of can be equally as productive and reliable and cheaper, but also have other problems like service. Getting the right balance between quality and service is not easy. The following tips may not cover all the bases, but will get you to ask the right questions before purchasing.

Big Names Mean Bigger Price

Like cars, machine brands that are well known will cost you more. Whether the high cost is due to quality, reliability or the cost of heavy advertising, there is one rule that usually stands true. Big names often have more to offer like features, spare parts, and technical support. When comparing two machines of equal function and quality, while looking at a big name versus a “no name”, the price difference can often buy you lots of parts and service options to bring these two machines on a more even ground.

A Faster Sell When Used

A big-name brand will usually sell for more when used and sell faster, so the investment can be helpful. Blockbuster brand names give the buyer that extra confidence to go ahead with the purchase. Keep this in mind when spending. I have seen no name machines take forever to resell and when they do it is for a lot less but usually like the new price spent.

Servicing Costs

Some unknown brands also pose a problem when needing service. Technicians, who are familiar with a machine type will have to learn that new brand of machine at your expense, meaning they will spend more time to figure out how the machine works and how to get parts to fix it. With known brands you may pay high technical assistance costs, but they are often well trained and know where issues lie.


Many used machines are sold without manuals, as they often are lost with the first owner. A big name can provide that manual to you, although sometimes at a cost. A lesser known brand may be hard to reach or may not have manuals to get easily. This will be a headache on repairs and other costs.

The savings you sometimes have on a low cost no name brand may end up costing you more in the long run. Servicing costs and losing money on resale is at times the costliest machine. I’ve seen clients with cheaper machines come in asking for parts as they can’t find them anymore, or replacements for electrical components.

North American Representative

If a brand doesn’t have a representative in North America, I suggest being very cautious. The machine may work and be a good deal, but it goes beyond that. You want the support for your machine should something go wrong for you.

What You Can Get Away With

Although you can get away with lesser known brands for items like dust collectors, as these are simpler machines with less inner working parts, you may want to be cautious on a CNC machine or edgebanders where the technology demands are higher.

Mid Range Brands

It may be wise to start with mid-range brands first and, as you grow, move into higher end brands. Many mid-range names make fantastic machines that may be simpler in design, but perform well enough for you to grow and make a profit. They can also resell easily and bring back a good percentage of what you had paid. Don’t overlook these brands. Be aware that ever well-known brand started as a no name at some point in time, so don’t be discouraged, just be careful.

Do your research before investing and know your trade when dealing with price versus risk. Coast Machinery has been in business for over 20 years and has a wide selection of popular brand names as well as lesser known brands.

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