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Guide to Used Woodworking Machines

There are many advantages to used woodworking machines. These types of machines can benefit anyone from the hobbyist to a business owner. New woodworking machines have very good quality, however, used machines can have just about the same thing at half the price. Use this guide in your search for the best used machines in the market.

Are Used Machines For You?

First of all, ask yourself if you absolutely need used woodworking machines. If you have a tight budget, then used machines are a good choice, as long as you buy a good quality one. You can’t just buy any used machine and expect it to work properly. You may end up spending even more for replacements. If you’re careful, you’ll find a good deal.

Furthermore, ask yourself if you have the appropriate workshop. Most used machines are quite heavyweight. For instance, your planer may be half a ton heavy, and it may not be appropriate for a tiny table. Also make sure a machine runs smoothly so you don’t waste power.

What Are Some Buying Tips?

First, you need to inspect each used machine carefully. Check for extreme wear and tear. If you’re buying online, simply look at the pictures. Sometimes you’ll notice some damage, but this isn’t always the case. So you can ask for more pictures just to be sure.

Secondly, go for branded machines. Even if they are used machines, you’re more likely to have repair or maintenance services from their manufacturer compared to non-branded ones. Businesses that aren’t well known oftentimes cannot offer you these services.

Third, ask for warranty and maintenance. Even with used machines, you need to make sure you get a guarantee that you’ll receive the product in good condition. Check if delivery is included with your purchase.

Finally, remember to negotiate the costs. Merchandisers sometimes give their products a higher price than the actual price they expect to get. This is so they’re ready for any customer who may want a lower price.

Where Can I Find Used Machines?

Shop around for lower prices. On the Internet, you can compare prices fast and even look at some customer reviews. You get to scan over hundreds of products by category with just a few clicks.

Good quality and cheap used machines can also be found at company sites. Some companies occasionally replace older models with new ones. They need to sell the older models fast, which is why you’ll find cheap machines that still have good quality.

Other businesses will need to sell used machines for other reasons. Sometimes the prices can become ridiculously cheap due to a business closing down, relocating or switching to another operation where machines aren’t needed anymore. Certain financial burdens can force a business to sell their machines at a very cheap price.

Used woodworking machines should be treated like new ones. Maintenance is key to keeping them in top condition. The same safety rules should also apply. Most accidents occur not because of machinery themselves, but from poor use. Used machines are great for any project. Just list down what projects you plan on doing to get an idea of what used machines to buy.

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